Frequently Asked Questions

The most common questions I am asked.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Question 1, Do you meet people?.
  2. Question 2, Are you married?.
  3. Question 3, Do you like Anal sex?.
  4. Question 4, Are you really 60 years old?.
  5. Question 5, Do you like young men?.
  6. Question 6, If I paid you would you meet me?.
  7. Question 7, Why do you still make videos and webcam at your age?.
  8. Question 8, Do you still have good sex with your husband?.
  9. Question 9, Are you really bisexual?.
  10. Question 10, Do you Squirt?.

Answer 1:

NO, I won't meet people just for fun. If I am filming something where I need an extra person I have a list of guys that I am happy to meet and work with. I have also met one or two fans when been out and about doing photos or videos and had coffee with them but nothing else.

Answer 2:

Yes I am married and have been married for 23 years and together with him for 30 years and I am very happy and yes he knows what I do because he films and takes the photos for me.

Answer 3:

This is one of the most asked questions. If you check out my photos, videos and read my bio you will see that I love anal sex. I love it that much I can have an orgasm having my arse fucked.

Answer 4:

Yes I am really 60. I was born in London in 1958.

Answer 5:

Age is just a number so if your over 18, yes of course I like young men. Many guys ask this because they think they can give me a great time, well lets be honest you don't have the experience so won't be able to teach me anything. Telling me you have a big cock does nothing for me either. It's how you use it that is important, plus I have a very tight vagina so if you are over 8 to 9 inches and thick you would'nt get inside me without hurting me.

Answer 6:

Simple to answer this. NO I AM NOT AN ESCORT

Answer 7:

I love sex and I love playing so I will keep going as long as I can or as long as people still want to watch me and keep buying my videos and photo sets.

Answer 8:

OMG yes I still have fantastic sex with my husband. We still have it 4 or 5 times a week and love to role play and we both love bdsm so our sex life is very varied and I always have fantastic orgasms. He has been in the porn industry since I have known him. He has been a performer, cameraman and video editor and still appears in bdsm videos when asked as a Master/Dom.

Answer 9:

Yes I am bisexual for real. I love to have sex with other women. I am always looking for new women to film with me and or do live webcam shows. On many occasions after filming with another lady my husband will join us and take care of us both so I get the best of both worlds.

Answer 10:

No I do not squirt, I cream up inside and get very sticky.